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It’s one thing to talk about building communities and it’s another to actually do it. The idea of a flourishing community constantly evolves as beliefs, technology and culture change, requiring the developers that support them to evolve and grow as well. In this issue of Patterns of Business, we speak to the people who have precision, vision and evolution in equal measure, McGoff Group.

Patterns of business

The businesses that change the way people experience life truly understand their business and the wants, needs and the patterns of their customers. In the WeThree Patterns of Business Newsletter, we showcase the visionaries and collaborators who, by seeing brand and business as one, are able to unlock and drive business success. We analyse the formation of these business patterns, we explore the strategies behind them and we reveal the key brand drivers around their creative success.


Brand Insights

It’s difficult to describe McGoff Group as a property development business. The sheer breadth of value they provide to communities transcends such narrow industry definition. Perhaps it’s more appropriate to call them ‘community growers.’ Founded in 1973 in the U.K., the group emerged as a result of its construction excellence; the ability to make real the ambitions of retail, hospitality and healthcare clients alike.

However, the strength of the group lies in its ability to push communities and industries forward as they grapple with some of the brightest opportunities to make a difference; better caring for an ageing population, the need for even more immersive forms of entertainment and new definitions of luxury. From property acquisition and advisory, design and fit-out and precision builds, all the way to ongoing facilities management, McGoff Group has made clear its ability to encompass a full suite of offerings for a diverse range of industries but still keep a single-minded perception of trust and excellence above it all. But how does it do it and continue to stretch while staying strong at its core?


Brand Strategy

McGoff’s brand architecture is key to its growth. The McGoff Group umbrella sets up a very simple promise: ‘Remove the speculation associated with development’, in other words, the ability to reliably make it all real. It’s then that its diverse portfolio of brands define the ‘it’. From units like McGoff construction that can realise the most eclectic of visions – for example, the Legoland Castle Hotel with 61 knights and wizards themed rooms or the creation of a Bear Grylls experience with an assault course and indoor sky-diving for Merlin Entertainment – to businesses like New Care that envision new ways to care for our elderly, McGoff effectively becomes a trusted partner in effecting commercial, cultural and community progress.

More importantly, their brands and offerings grow in line with changing community values – whether it’s the resurgence of the concept of a village market as it has addressed with Market 41, a new development in Urmston, or changing perspectives on education as McGoff brought to life by Back to the Garden, a child care facility brand championing new standards of safety and collaboration for kids –McGoff’s day to day work moves at the pace of communities themselves. It’s this planned brand architecture, purpose-built for expansion, that has led it to truly generate impact far beyond many a developer.


Brand Experience

There is no such thing as community without the concepts of craft and innovation and McGoff Group is in no shortage of these elements. Trusted by large brands like Premier Inn, Holiday Inn and Nandos to execute made to measure fit-outs and builds to the millimetre, McGoff’s construction excellence is without doubt. It’s Legoland Castle’s bricks are built in the ratio of real lego blocks and luxury accommodation and retail residences in its Downtown developments in Manchester and Villafont Homes display an attention to detail in the name of perfection.

McGoff also continues to push the boundaries of construction. Partnerships with firms like Mansell Finishes allow them to test and implement innovative methods for steel frame assembly, putting them ahead of the curve in quality and efficiency. Couple this constant evolution with an unwavering commitment to service – as evidenced by a 24-hour help desk among other things, and you get an experience that enables clients to have the positive impact they want to have on the community.


Evolving With Communities

The truism ‘Do one thing, and do it well’, is a pearl of wisdom in the pursuit of excellence. But sometimes fulfilling the potential of an organisation to make a positive impact on the community takes more than that. It requires being able to span a range of services and deliver them all with unparalleled and consistent quality. And it requires being able to grow and evolve with clients and communities as they push for greater wellbeing and progress. McGoff shows how a brand can start with a DNA of precision execution and extend this to a range of activities.

At WeThree, we believe in organisations like McGoff Group; organisations that transform their customers by transforming themselves and using brand to do it – thereby enabling people to change the way people experience their communities.

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