Understanding Patterns of business

We challenge and change the patterns within your brand, to enrich and add value to your business.

Brand insights.

We believe patterns in business unlock and determine success. You can’t change these patterns without first understanding them. We work with you to understand everything from the rhythm of your business to the rituals of your customers. We look at every detail of your business and industry: nothing is left unchallenged.

Brand strategy.

Next we look for patterns in the outside world, and what they could mean for your brand. We explore the possibilities: experimenting with new interactions, behaviours and relationships. Only once we have done this, do we articulate your brand vision, as a foundation for unforgettable design.

Brand experience.

We craft design that changes the way people experience your business, and life. New stories, told like never before, to break old patterns of behavior. Designs that stop people in their tracks, make them take the extra second to reflect, or change the way they do things completely.

Our purpose
is to craft beautiful
brands that change
the way people
experience life.


We’re a collective of experienced partners and have a broad network of strategists and creatives. WeThree was founded in late 2016.

David Gilligan
David Gilligan
David has been at the forefront of design in both London and Sydney for over 25 years. He has worked on global brands such as Vodafone, British Airways and EY, right through to start ups on three continents.
An award-winning and conscientious team leader, David develops brands through insight and collaboration that transform and unleash business potential. David developed the concept ‘Patterns of Business’ and believes it is the the perfect process to crafting beautiful brand design to enrich and add value to your business.
David’s three key strengths include developing big ideas, using his experience to enhance brands, as well as his professional versatility.
Janet Wakstein
Janet Wakstein
Strategic Partner
Janet’s experience both client and agency side gives her a unique perspective on how to approach brand strategy, working with and for clients including Unilever, IHG and Rexam.
She has a track record of delivering results for organisations of all sizes, from successful small businesses to multinationals. Janet has led projects in brand development, internal, financial and marketing communications.
Janet’s three key strengths include putting business at the heart of brand, putting brand at the heart of business and raising her three beautiful children, who are her greatest creation.
Sonke Roth
Sonke Roth
Digital Partner
What Sonke doesn’t know about web, mobile and social, just hasn’t been invented yet. Having worked on brands like MTV, Railcorp and National Geographic, Sonke is yet to find a problem that he can’t solve.
He endlessly brings a designer’s touch to technical obstacles and a developer’s rigour to design challenges, and believes design and technology should make the other one stronger.
The three things he does best are: keep an eye on the big picture, discover new ways to exploit technology and make sure design looks good in any medium.